We Have Established 25 Years of a Strong Foundation Built With Positive Results

Who We Are

Springdale is proud to provide strong companies with quality products that are created in Southeast Michigan.  We are family operated and include a competent and stable workforce. 

As a potential customer, your business needs will receive immediate attention.  Your finished product must pass our excellent quality standard.  High volume capabilities and meeting your price requirements are a plus at Springdale.

Est. in 1997 by Ronald L. Ball

Since the Ball Family became sole owners, the company has expanded its operations, services and facilities. Springdale Automatics runs on a firm policy of remaining debt free and paying vendors immediately.  As a result, the company is able to benefit both employees and customers.

Unparalleled Quality Standards


Platinum Partner Award

Over 125,000,000 pieces of the ‘531’ component with zero rejects at the assembly plant.

Swiss Precision

Our machines are so well-made, they consistently hold tolerances under ten microns after decades of use.

Set-up Expertise

Our expertise allows for many operations to be handled on one machine, reducing secondary operations and added cost

Customer Advantage

Our Tornos capacity gives you two strong advantages: exceptional quality with high-volume production rates.

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